Thursday, July 19, 2012

Venite ad me (Mt 11:28).

Come to me.

Jesus knows that we are tired and have a lot of works to do. For that reason he wants to strengthen us and assure us that we are not alone. He waits for us to grant us his peace and support. In addition, he shows us the way how to live being meek and humble of heart. He does it because very often we are distressed, impatient and in a hurry. And we really do not know how to overcome our problems. But the solution is simply to remember God and trust in him. Since he is taking care of the world and is merciful towards all people. Although we seem to be unworthy, he never leaves his children. On the contrary, he always rebuilds our broken hearts and fills them with his love. His aim is to make us holy by his grace. And our only task is to help him being open for his blessing. Also we should be aware that we are not able to sanctify ourselves by our own. So we are to keep in mind that we depend on his divine grace totally and ought to be thankful for everything we have received from him.  

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