Monday, July 9, 2012

Loquar ad cor eius (Hos 2:16)

I will speak to her heart.

God chooses different ways to approach a man. The reason is that we are usually reluctant and escape from his fatherly wings as irresponsible nestlings. Therefore he allures us and leads us into desert to make us think of him and feel dependent on him. There in difficult circumstances keeping silence we start opening our hearts and listening to his voice. We need to meet with him. We need to experience his great love towards us. There we are able to go into deeper relationship with our Father. There we are in his presence thankful, peaceful and joyful. There we realize that we have no better place than this desert where we abide with him face-to-face. Thus he is our Beloved and our soul is similar to the spouse waiting for him. His delight is to espouse us to him forever in right and in justice, in love and in mercy. And we are to repay him for it with fidelity and desire to love him every day more and more.  

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