Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pastores pascent eos (Jr 23:).

Shepherds who will shepherd them.

God called me to be a good shepherd for people. Also he asks me to do my job very well according to his divine will. However, I am a weak shepherd who needs someone to lead me. For that reason Jesus who is a Good Shepherd comes to me with help. In addition he assures me that I can always count on his support. For he takes me and other sheep to the green pastures where we can rest. There we increase and grow spiritually. There we become more courageous and stronger. There we need no longer fear and tremble. All of us are longing for this special place where the divine grace flows abundantly. We all desire to have a deep experience of God's presence in our life. Afterwards we start acting and doing what is just and right. In such a way we become the good leaders for the community of the Church. And each of us has a chance to be a good shepherd like Jesus Christ.    

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