Saturday, July 7, 2012

Audiam, quid loquatur Dominus Deus (Ps 85:9)

I will hear what God proclaims.

God wants us to have peace inside our heart. So he speaks to us every day to open us for his graces. He says that he is the source of our blessing and just with him we are able to attain peace. From our side we need only to be obedient and faithful. As a result there will be divine peace in our life. Furthermore, if we listen to his voice, we are being taught how to be kind and trustful. We will be the apostles of his peace to the world. In such a way justice and truth will be present among people. In addition, God always is ready to give us himself. It means that we can be full of all his blessings and benefits. As a result we will yield our spiritual increase and the earth will be fulfilled with happiness. The God's purpose is to rebuild everything what is destroyed. Moreover, he wishes to bless us and make us prosper. Therefore so important is to follow God's will written in the Scriptures. 

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