Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Surge in medium (Mk 3:3)

Miracles ususally happen in the church where the community of believers pray together. Because Jesus Christ is present among them. He always comes to see our weaknesses and problems. Sometimes there are troubles which we cannot resolve on our own. We are paralysed by bad experiences, sickness or worries. We even do not trust that Jesus can cure us completely. But obviously he has the power to make us healthy and strong. 
The crutial thing is to open your heart with all your wounds. Do not be afraid to share with Jesus everything which is difficult. Put your problem in the middle between you and the Son of God. Give name to your struggles, fears and enemies. Believe that Jesus is much stronger than all other things. He wants to heal you in your spirit, soul and body. He helps you focus on the good and beautiful memories. 
Do not be silent. Pray with your whole strength and faith Ask Jesus to make you free form your mistakes, weaknesses and sins. Remember that your vocation is to live a holy, joyful and happy life. Today is the right time to start again with Jesus as a free person. Your life is precious in the eyes of the Lord and for that reason you should feel loved, chosen and called. Choose the Lord as your rock. Make him your love and fortress. Praise him as your saviour. 
In this way you can overcome all the difficulties and problems. There is no other person who can heal your but the Son of God - Jesus Christ. Let's sing a new song in the community of believers. Bless and worship the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Diligo Deum (1 Jn 4:20)

God is the heavenly Father who loves his children. You cannot love him without loving your brothers and sisters. On the earth you meet with people and they are human beings not angels. All of them need love. They are looking for your love. 
You sometimes do not choose properly and think that love is merely emotion. So God gives you commandments and teaches you how to love sincerly. He sent his beloved Son - Jesus Christ. The Son of God lived among people and showed the way how to love them. First of all, Jesus loved his Father in the Holy Spirit. He prayed a lot and spent time with his Father. He always talked with him using words full of love and intimacy. The communion with his Father was crutial in Jesus' life. 
Secondly, he cared for the needy around him, he touched their bodies, cured the sick and encouraged the depressed. He focused on the person and knew how to help one's body and soul. Jesus Christ taught to build good relation between God and man. 
You are to follow Jesus and to love your brothers and sisters. It is the main precept from the Scriptures. Actually, this is not very difficult. You are to start with prayer for your relatives and friends. Moreover, you need to pray for your enemies. In this way you can overcome all the problems which appear in your daily life. By the power of divine love you are able to change the world. As ordinary person you can save your family and community. Since there is nothing stronger than faith and love.