Saturday, December 16, 2017

Verbo Domini (Sir 48:3)

In those special days we are eager for the prophetic words. For the words which can enlighten and kindle our hearts. For the words of the Lord who speaks to our soul directly. Without his holy words we neither choose rightly nor rejoice in our life. 
We do not need the words of people which often make us confused and hurt. They do not have the power to change the actual state of our mind. For that reason, we desire the Word from the heavenly Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Only this holy Word is able to bring fire from heaven to the earth. Only this divine Word makes wonders and miracles in our life. Only this Word of God should be praised and honored by people all the time. 
As Christians, we listen to the Word carefully and follow the divine teaching. Thus, we know that all of us are united in Christ and called to achieve happiness in the Kingdom of God. By the Word we are taught how to love each other with tenderness and patience. In this Word we become holier and closer to God.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Patre meo (Lk 10:22)

The declaration of Jesus invites us to see the goodness of our heavenly Father that we experience daily in our lives. God is good and abundant in his grace. As children of God, we receive this abundance of grace in our own realities. It is the Holy Spirit who helps us to notice these superfluous gifts poured on us. When we allow ourselves to be touched and guided by the Holy Spirit, we are able to see the wonders which God does in our lives. Then the unworthy becomes worthy, the weak becomes strong, the moron becomes wise, the blind gets vision, the wayward gets a direction etc. For nothing is impossible to God, when one commits his own life for the Spirit to flow through.
The season of Advent bids us to open our eyes and look at the creation with the eyes of a child. Let the irresistible sentiments of gratitude to our Creator rise up and find joyful expression in our being and doing (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

In monte isto (Is 25:7)

Advent is a special time when the Lord provides his gifts and the Holy Spirit for his beloved ones. Knowing the longings of your heart he wants you to feel happy, peaceful and hopeful during this season of divine grace. 
Accordingly, you need to prepare yourself for his blessings. Let him touch and cleanse you from your doubts, worries and all kinds of weaknesses. Keep in mind that you are his chosen one whom he loves wholeheartedly. Even if you make mistakes, commit sins and escape from his sight, he is by your side waiting to wipe away the tears from your face. Through his holy Word, he reminds you that God the Father cares and takes pity on you.
Therefore, patiently wait for the Lord who makes you rejoice and be glad. He puts his holy hand on your head and blesses you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Accept his blessing and expect miracles in your life. Close your eyes and feel his gently touch which is the Holy Spirit abiding in you.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dominum Iesum! (Rom 10:9)

Apostle is the one who preaches that Jesus is Lord. He gives such a testimony because strongly believes and trusts in his heart. In addition, he knows that all the peoples can be saved by the divine grace. 
The disciple of Christ teaches his sisters and brothers that they should believe with their heart and be justified. They also need to confess their faith and acknowledge their weaknesses. 
The follower of Jesus reads the Scripture carefully and understands the will of God. Thus, he can easily recognize what is good and what is evil. Moreover, he listens to his conscience during the silent prayer and meets with the Lord is the Spirit. 
Thanks to the Holy Spirit he is enriched with many gifts and charisms. Furthermore, he receives the divine power to call on the name of the Lord in the world. Accordingly, he is a missionary who brings the good news to all the peoples. He never gives up but continues to share the gospel. In this way, his voice goes forth to all the earth and to the ends of the world. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Iesu, miserere mei! (Lk 18:38)

Jesus approaches you with the new hope and healing. While you sit and beg for help, Jesus appears and hears the voice of your lament. He never passes by without noticing that you are in need. So you should be grateful for his presence in your life.
However, Jesus waits for your invitation. That is your turn to welcome him and to prepare place in your heart. You don't have to worry about others and their attitude towards Son of God. For him you are the one who is the most important and your response is crucial. 
Therefore, do not be silent but call Jesus to visit you with his divine grace. Call him to give you new hope and to heal you from your disease. Ask him to have pity on you. Trust in him because Jesus only can make miracles in your life. If you allow the Lord to enter into your life, he comes closer and touches you with his mighty hand. 
Jesus Christ always has the right and powerful word to support you. Moreover, he appreciates your strong faith and makes the real change in your situation. As a result, you praise God for his grace and follow the Son of God with joy.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Secundum voluntatem Dei (Sap 6:4)

Your vocation is to fulfill the will of God. Therefore, first of all you need to read the Scriptures carefully and listen to the Word who is Jesus Christ. Obviously, it takes time to understand what the Son of God speaks to you. Nonetheless, it is necessary if you like to manage your life and keep everything in the right order. 
Through the Holy Scripture, the Lord strengthens you and gives you the power of his Spirit. Thus, you are able to work peacefully and to govern all your thoughts. With the gift of the Spirit, you can judge rightly and make good decisions. If you know the divine Word, you walk according to the will of God. Also you are not afraid any more. On the contrary, even if you feel lowly you are sure that mercy of God is stronger than your weaknesses. 
Because the Lord is at your side, you do not fear anything. You live like a God's child who is fed with the divine graces. The Word teaches you wisdom which helps you to avoid sins. Moreover, you keep the holy precepts in order to attain holiness. In this way you are a witness to the Good News among those who lack happiness in their lives.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Exspectantes redemptionem (Rom 8:23)

Obviously, the sufferings are important part of our life. When we go through the painful experiences, we often forget that God is our loving Father. Since he has allowed his beloved Son to suffer and let us be in trouble. That is true we are humans and feel pain, but at the same time we are children of God who can overcome all the obstacles. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we are stronger than any evil. For that reason we believe that our earthly life is only a period which ends and afterwards the heavenly life starts. 
As human beings we have an immortal soul and as a result nothing can destroy our dignity. Yes, we do suffer because of the pains and problems, but  we rejoice in the firstfruits of the Spirit as well. While we experience difficulties, we keep in mind that the redemption of our bodies is at hand. By the divine grace, we survive and are saved. Moreover, as sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ we wait patiently with endurance for the everlasting joy in the kingdom of God.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Coram angelis Dei (Lk 12:8)

Jesus speaks to the soul very often. But especially while the person is prepared spiritually. For instance just after the sacrament of reconciliation. Then, the inner senses are capable of hearing the voice of the Lord. 
The disciple of Christ does not need to worry that others do not understand him. But he always tries to keep his conscience pure. In addition, he asks the holy angels and saints to support him. He is neither afraid nor scandalized if something goes wrong and he fails. 
The man of God keeps in mind that the Holy Spirit is stronger than any of the evil spirits. He knows that each of his sins and mistakes can be forgiven. Such a Christian is brave and ready to defend himself before others. Because he trusts in the Lord and in the words of God. He testifies boldly and shares the Good News in the world.
The follower of Jesus does not preach anything on his own but only the truth which he has heard in the heart. Overall, he believes that the Spirit of God teaches him and helps to recognize the best moment when he should act.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ego mitto vos (Lk 10:3)

The Lord appoints us and gives instructions how to fullfil the missionary tasks. As our Master he chooses us to be like him. He teaches to love one another and to preach the Gospel around the world. He takes care of everyone in every place and in every time. 
The Lord speaks to the heart of his disciples and encourages them to start working for the salvation of humankind. Firstly, he tells them that they should pray and ask God for his blessing. Secondly, he suggests them to be humble towards others. He explains that people are hurt and fragile. For that reason, they need medicians who will cure them. They don't need more things but gentleness, love and patience. 
Moreover, Jesus Christ focuses on the families who are in need of peace. He wants his apostles to be peaceful persons. Thus, they will be able to share their inward peace with the needy. People are lonely and the disciple of Christ should be with them in their experiences. 
All the people look for support and guidance. Therefore, the apostles are those who cure the sick with the words of peace and love. Thus, the Kingdom of God becomes present in the world.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Diliges ex toto corde (Lk 10:27)

As humans we often use our mind to solve the problems of life. But human life is much more than only thinking. It is also about feelings, beliefs and experiences. Moreover, there are some questions which cannot be answered by ourselves. 
For that reason, we are invited to ask the Lord and to listen to his message carefully. He always reminds us about the issues which are the most important such as love. He turns our attention to the heart and the inner world which is inside us. He says that we should focus on love and use all our strength to share it with others. 
Each of our phisical, psychological and spiritual skills ought to be used for the love of our sisters and brothers. Because we need to love one another as much as possible. This is the main reason of life on the earth as well as in the heaven. 
We learn to love from the Son of God who gave us an example while he lived among us. Therefore, we know how to love each other and our heavenly Father who has created us in order to attain the divine love and enjoy it forever.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

In loco sancto (Es 9:8)

Sometimes do we feel weak and troubled. In these moments we should raise our hands to the Lord and ask for help. It is true that we can be ashamed or confounded to look towards the face of God directly. For we make mistakes and commit sins. Nonetheless, we trust in the mercy of the loving Father. We acknowledge our trespasses and promise not to make wrong choices. 
We keep in mind that God the Father is merciful for his children. As his beloved ones we ask him for support and the divine grace. Accordingly, our heavenly Father brightens our eyes and gives us relief in our problems. 
Although we are only humans, with the power of the Holy Spirit we overcome every trouble and suffering. For sure we are never abandoned. We live thanks to the Lord, with the Lord and for the Lord. 
The Providence of God embraces us in all circumstances. Every day we are granted the gift of new life to start again and again. Thus, we are able to rebuild and renew everything which was destroyed by the evil.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bono fructificantes (Col 1:10)

Christians do not cease praying. In every situation they keep in mind that the Lord is present. Moreover, they are filled with the knowledge of the Holy Spirit who moves them from the very morning until night. 
God the Father has put in them all spiritual wisdom so they act with dignity and prudence. In their behaviour they resemble the life of the Son of God. Accordingly they are pleasing to all the people and bear good fruit. The Holy Spirit strengthens them with the divine power and they work patiently with all endurence in every circumstances. 
Christians are fulfilled with the Spirit of joy even if their lives seem to be hard and difficult. Nonetheless, they keep giving thanks to the Father for all the gifts and especially for their salvation. Living on the earth, they walk in the light though the powers of darkness want to overcome them. 
They are always focused on the Lord who has delivered them from evil and prepared them place in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, with the divine grace they keep doing good and love all sisters and brothers wholeheartedly.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Spiritus super me (Lc 4:18)

As human beings we are connected with people but also with the Lord. Therefore, we need to find time for our beloved ones and for the Lord who has loved us. While we spend time in the community of believers, we hear the Lord speaking to us. He reminds that his Holy Spirit abides in our hearts. Also he teaches that we are beloved children of God the Father. We are called to live in the divine light and love our sisters and brothers wholeheartedly.
Every day Jesus Christ walks with us and supports us, especially if we pray sincerely and open our soul for his grace. Consequently, we are able to recognize his presence in our friends and relatives. We don't look at them as they were the ordinary people but as they truly are the children of God. For sure, accepting this fact is not easy because all of us make mistakes and hurt each other. However, if we forgive ourselves and others their guilt, we start to live a holy and peaceful life.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Testes estis (1 Tes 2:10)

The main Christian task is proclaiming the Gospel of God. Nothing else is such an important and urgent issue. Therefore, working night and day we don't forget to preach the Good News by our deeds and words. We are witnesses for our sisters and brothers who do not know how much God the Father loves them. Through our behaviour and attention we make them feel the divine love. 
We try to live as Christ lived and treat all the people as parents treat their children with love. Thus, we exhort and encourage them to walk in a manner worthy of the God's children. As members of the Christian family we rejoice in the Kingdom of God and build the Christian community on the earth. 
All the time we keep contact with the Lord and all the believers. Moreover, every day we grow receiving the word of God which works in us. We accept this holy word which makes miracles in our lives. Consequently, the love of God is truly perfected in all of us. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Facilius est camelum (Mt 19:24)

We sometimes think that richness equals happiness. However, it is not true. The goods which we receive are helpful but they cannot make us happy. It happens that a person is wealthy but feels lonely and unhappy at the same time. Since the people become joyful when they are rich in their souls.
The Son of God reminds that the true happiness is strongly connected with salvation. Nothing else is such an important issue in one's life. The human beings experience spiritual joy when they discover that the heavenly Father always takes care of them and looks at them. They are glad when they hear God speak to their hearts and know that everything is possible for their God.
Accordingly, everyone who follows the God's commandments receives the abundance of his gifts. Here on the earth the man of God knows that all the people are his sisters and brothers. Although some of them are good and some are not, everybody is loved by God the Father. Therefore, our task is to accept this truth and become similar to Jesus Christ.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sinite parvulos (Mt 19:14)

God the Father loves his children and blesses them through his Son Jesus Christ. In this way, he teaches us what is most important in our lives. We are to love and bless our sisters and brothers every day and in every place. It's not something difficult to do. We just need our hands to be ready for good deeds, our lips that want to say blessings and pray for the needy. On the other hand, we are often the ones who need support, but we often forget or even do not want to ask for it. But Jesus is very kind and gentle. He invites us to come and embraces us with his brotherly love. Moreover, he reminds us that we are the children of the heavenly Kingdom. Here on the earth, we only start our journey towards the place which is our home. Obviously, we are not saints but we should do our best to become holier and holier. If we accept his blessing and allow the Holy Spirit to abide in our souls, we are able to share the divine gifts with others. Thus, we are the true disciples of Christ who act in the same way as he behaved.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Capilli numerati (Mt 10:30)

Heavenly father knows everything and nothing is hidden from him. If he has to know everything, he has to be present everywhere. That means there is no particle of creation devoid of God. When Christ tells us that we are worth more than many sparrows, he points out at our higher consciousness that distinguishes us from the rest of the animals and plants. God wishes that in our free will through our consciousness we reach and merge with him. Jesus tells us that since God knows everything, there is nothing we can call to God’s attention. He knows our every thought, word, deed, dream, feeling, virtue and vice as well. This knowledge leads us to a total surrender and comforts us in times of trials and troubles. In our human frailty, we may fail to understand or give understanding to others, but God does never fails!
It is so clear in his great design we are born to particular parents in a particular society and environment. It is he who directs significant people and events into our lives. He knows our every need, even before we ask. Therefore, it is foolish to sit before the Lord with our begging bowls asking him to satisfy our innumerable earthly needs and wants. Let us humbly submit ourselves to his divine will and say, “Lord I gratefully accept all that you have given me without any regret and I say yes to all that is in store for me in the days to come.” Let us live every moment knowing that we are precious to our God and he provides us with everything in his own time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

De vultu tuo (Ps 17:2)

Let us seek the face of Christ. We know that it is possible to find him and to abide in him. The Lord can be found only if we live in justice and pray ardently from our lips, without deceiving. Our Lord wants to be with us and in our hearts. However, it depends on us whether our thoughts are pure.
The Holy Spirit can act through us when our souls are clean. For this reason, as fragile and weak human beings, we should very often ask for forgiveness and God's grace. We are unable to sanctify ourselves on our own.
Therefore, day by day, we cry to the Lord who answers us. Although our prayers are not always correct, we do not give up. We pray the Lord to incline his ear and to kindly look upon us. Moreover, we believe that he can offer us his blessings and mercy.
As the Lord's followers, we flee from our foes under and find shelter under his divine protection. We hide ourselves in the shadow of his arms. We are always accepted as his beloved friends and satisfied in his presence.