Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sinite parvulos (Mt 19:14)

God the Father loves his children and blesses them through his Son Jesus Christ. In this way, he teaches us what is most important in our lives. We are to love and bless our sisters and brothers every day and in every place. It's not something difficult to do. We just need our hands to be ready for good deeds, our lips that want to say blessings and pray for the needy. On the other hand, we are often the ones who need support, but we often forget or even do not want to ask for it. But Jesus is very kind and gentle. He invites us to come and embraces us with his brotherly love. Moreover, he reminds us that we are the children of the heavenly Kingdom. Here on the earth, we only start our journey towards the place which is our home. Obviously, we are not saints but we should do our best to become holier and holier. If we accept his blessing and allow the Holy Spirit to abide in our souls, we are able to share the divine gifts with others. Thus, we are the true disciples of Christ who act in the same way as he behaved.

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