Sunday, June 24, 2018

Adiutor meus (Ps 28:7)

Each one is the product of God's unconditional love. There is nothing created in this world outside of his knowledge and love. Hence, we all become children of God in this vast universe, under his divine will. When we don't realize fully this reality of interconnection, we create gap among ourselves and the rest of creation. Unnecessary breakage of relationships, indifference, violence in the world, undue political, social and geographical dispute, loss of dignity of a particular sect are examples. IN this situation whom can we run up-to or where can we get energy to move on? It is none other than the Lord who knows everything. We trust that in every situation, be it joyful or painful, he intends our good. Even through our daily trials and imperfections we are prepared for a better or holy life. So let's thank God in every situation and at every moment (by sr. Jessy Paul SSpS). 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Iustitia vestra plus (Mt 5:20)

Jesus wants us to become better and better every day. Therefore, we should not look to others but rather set a good example for our sisters and brothers. Since our main focus is the Kingdom of heaven, all our actions must lead to this goal. 
Furthermore, we eagerly want to meet God. And the easiest way to achieve this desire is to treat every person as a child of God. We ought to protect life from the moment of conception until death. It means talking to each other with love, finding good in every person and supporting one another. 
Every prayer is a new chance to ask God for the blessings not only for ourselves but for all the needy. We are to remember that each person is very special. Accordingly, we ought to pay attention more for the people and less for the things. 
As a community of believers we are called to live in harmony and peace. As one body of the Church we need the Holy Spirit in order to grow and progress in holiness. Overall, our life is a good occasion to sanctify ourselves.