Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diligo Patrem (Jn 14:31).

I love the Father.

I am a child of God the Father. This knowledge gives me peace and insures me that I am being loved. God's love is the Holy Spirit who lives in me and strengthens me to fulfill my tasks. Also his Spirit makes me brave so that I do not worry at all. On the contrary, I feel secure for God's Spirit is always very close and in my heart. I love my Father and pay homage to him. I am joyful and peaceful because I know he would never abandon me. I put my trust in God and believe in all his words. In the depth of my soul he touches me tenderly so that I can go and overcome the evil. For these reasons I give thanks to my heavenly Father and bless him wholeheartedly. In addition, I testify and make known to others his mighty deeds he has done to me. I am looking forward to meeting with him in the kingdom of heaven. There I will be able to praise him for all his goodness forever and ever. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pacem relinquo vobis (Jn 14:27).

Peace I leave with you.

I need inner peace as I live in the world of noise and hurry. It has a great influence on me so that I move faster and faster. I have even problems with finding time for rest and relax. Although I know who is the giver of peace, I am still looking for it on my own. But neither people, nor things, nor any exercises can bring me what I need most. They only make my heart more and more troubled. What I really need is my Lord Jesus Christ who always comes with his kindness and mercy. Moreover, he loves me and wants me to rejoice my life in peace. He reminds me about my heavenly Father who has created me in order to become holy and blameless. He does not speak much but rather stays with me in silence and teaches me the right attitude towards the Holy Spirit. Just with his grace I am able to oppose those who struggle against me. With his divine peace I can overcome all the difficulties and problems. In such a way I am supposed to fulfill the holy will of my God.    

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ego sum via (Jn 14:6).

I am the way.

Why are you so sad and depressed? Why do you worry so much? Why can you not find the inner peace? Such problems have usually their source in the weak faith. You are a Christian but you do not put your trust in God completely. You would rather depend on your plan, strength and wisdom. But it often fails and you are confused. Therefore, first of all, you are to repair your relationship with the Lord. Since he wants to be with you all the time and in him you may find the easiest way to God. Jesus Christ is present in the holy sacraments and in the Scriptures. There you are able to discover the truth leading to the eternal life. Obviously, your human abilities are limited so that you need also God's grace. You should ask for the light of Holy Spirit to shine in your heart. Thanks to the divine gift you will understand the message of God and become his holy disciple.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Misericordias Domini (Ps 89:2).

The favors of the Lord.

I have received many graces from my Lord Jesus Christ. And it is even impossible to count them all. For this reason, I am very grateful and proclaim his faithfulness. Also I am still amazed at the very gifts which are granted to me. First of all, I give thanks to the Lord for the grace of ordination. For being a priest is so honorable and awe-inspiring that I cannot understand it in fullness. When I serve others, I am able to perceive the wonders which God makes through my hands. Moreover, in the community of Church I am being strengthened and fulfiled with the Holy Spirit. My heart rejoices as I am standing in the light of God's countenance during the holy mysteries. As a result, all the days of my life are spent in the presence of Spirit who shrouds me in secrecy. I also can neither cease praising my Lord nor stop proclaiming his goodness.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ego ex meipso non sum locutus (Jn 12:49).

I do not speak on my own.

As human beings we speak and hear a lot of words. Sometimes we even have some problems how to listen carefully and speak properly. For this reason, firstly we are to pay attention to the voice of God heard in our souls. It is not an easy task and we should be well prepared for accepting the spiritual message. For the God's word is similar to the light which helps us perceive the structure of the universe. Without this divine light we are not able to live as we are supposed as Christians. Lacking it we remain in the deep darkness like blind people. But if we hear the divine voice and follow it, we enjoy the beauty of created world. In addition, we are able to find out the true meaning of our life. Since the words of God are always full of compassion, mercy and peace. Moreover, hearing the Holy Spirit's good news we are sure that we are being given the real power to live a holy life. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ego eram orans (Act 11:5).

I was at prayer.

We have many questions and doubts to be solved. And we often do not know where to find the answers. Even the wisest and holiest among us are involved in similar problems. For these reasons, we are to pray and to ask our Lord to send us his Holy Spirit. Usually at prayer we are given the insight into the mysteries which are hidden from our eyes. However, we sometimes do not understand these signs from God. We are similar to children who cannot comprehend the sophisticated matters. Our heavenly Father keeps teaching us patiently his divine will, though we are not keen on accepting it. We would rather use our own reason to put our plans into practice. Therefore obedience is such an important virtue. Overall, we are supposed to recognize the will of God and to follow it. Doing so we will be acting with the strength of the Holy Spirit so that our endeavours might be accomplished. As a result, our hearts will be full of the spiritual joy and peace.   

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oves meae vocem meam audiunt (Jn 10:27).

My sheep hear my voice.

It is good to be a sheep in the hands of a Good Shepherd. For if you follow his advice, you enjoy the green pastures. If you go after him, you are never lost. In addition, you are not afraid for your future. But you feel secure under the guidance of your Master. So you should still give him thanks and ask him to be with you all the time. You are to follow his steps with gladness and joy. Since your Leader is also your beloved Father who does not want you to decline morally. He is kind-hearted and merciful so that you can trust him completely. He is faithful and never lets you be lonely. On the contrary, he is always ready to cleanse you from your sins and keeps the white clothes prepared for you. For these reasons, you are to come before God's throne and to worship him in his holy temple. There you will find a shelter and abundance of grace. You will not worry looking at your Lord and drawing from the springs of life-giving water.   

Friday, April 19, 2013

Visum recepit (Acts 9:18).

He regained his sight.

Often I am like a blind man who does not see the truth. I continue my journey through life but do not know where I am going. I keep doing and carrying out my tasks, but am not sure whether I am right. For these reasons, I do need the divine light to recognize the will of God in my life. Consequently, I am very much looking forward to listening to the voice of my Lord. However, my own sins and weaknesses still are at odds with my endeavours. So I am to be healed in order to do what is necessary and appropriate. I should pray and ask Jesus to send me the gift of Holy Spirit. I ought to receive this special Gift from heaven during the holy sacraments and especially in the Eucharist. It does not matter that I used to make many mistakes in my life. For the point is that I am eager to be a holy one who looks for the spiritual light. As a result, I shall go and be a chosen instrument in the God's hands. Since my vocation is to carry the name of Jesus Christ before people who forget about it.   

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Putasne intellegis (Acts 8:30).

Do you understand?

The question is how to understand the Scripture and God speaking through it. Since we are unlikely to comprehend it without the help of scholars and divine grace. For that reason, on the one hand we need to be taught the way of interpretation and on the other we are to have pure hearts. Although the holy writers can give us the food for thought, we ought to be open to recognize it. Accordingly, when we read about the humility of Christ, we are to follow his example. The word of God should have a great impact on our life and always change it for better. While reading the Bible we are invited to progress in our moral and spiritual life. At the same time, we can participate in the holy sacraments so that we experience the real presence of God among us. Moreover, we are granted the Holy Spirit who leads us to the holiness. Thus, we are becoming the disciples of Jesus Christ who not only understand, but also act in accordance with God's will.   

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ego sum panis vitae (Jn 6:35).

I am bread of life.

As human beings we need special food for our bodies and souls. Therefore we are looking for the source which would provide us with the essentials of life. For us Christians such a source is Jesus Christ who knows best what we really need. Although he can give us everything, we try to find happiness somewhere else. We are unlikely to believe that we can receive all graces from him who is our Lord. Accordingly, we meet various people and spend much time in doing the unnecessary things. As a result, we waste our strength and become sad. But the point is to fulfill the will of God in every moment of our lives. Only in this way we can be fully satisfied and peaceful. To be able to achieve it we ought to come to Jesus who is our bread of life. Just with him and supported with his spiritual food we are able to follow his steps to the heavenly kingdom.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amas me? (Jn 21:17).

Do you love me?

The main reason of coming of Jesus into the world is love. Since he has revealed himself in order to make us love God and one another. Yet we often forget about this vocation which is so important. We are focused on our daily tasks that we do not realize Jesus walking among us. As a result, our endeavours are useless and we get easily depressed and exhausted. Moreover, we neither find out the sense of life nor see the way out. But the solution is very close at hand. It is Jesus Christ standing beside and showing us the bread of his body which we can receive in the Holy Eucharist. Thus, we are being granted the spiritual food and the assurance of divine love. Afterwards, we are being invited to answer in the similar way. For we are to love the giver of love and to follow his example of sharing love with each other. Overall, it is the most urgent obligation to be accomplished in our lives. We should stretch out our hands in the gesture of brotherly love and always be prepared to distribute our property among the needy. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quem timebo (Ps 27:1).

Whom should I fear?

As humans we often fear that something bad will happen. We are thinking about our future and are afraid of tomorrow. For that reason we need the divine light which will make us free from our anxiety. We are to ask our Lord to enlighten our darkness and to welcome us to his dwelling place. There we may gaze on his loveliness and contemplate his splendor. As a result of the encounter with our Lord we experience inner peace and become ready to face our troubles. For God's grace changes our attitude towards many things so that we look at the reality from different point of view. No longer we worry about ourselves but rather about others who are in need. Consequently, we are courageous and stouthearted in the fight against the evil in the world. Despite the unpleasant facts of our lives we keep rejoicing in the Spirit. In such a way we are witnesses of the risen Lord who has overcome death and all the power of hell.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oboedire oportet Deo (Acts 5:29).

We must obey God.

We are to listen to God and to obey him. Yet from various sites we are forced to do something opposite. We are being told that we are free and can do anything. According to some people we do not need to follow God's teaching. However, as disciples of Christ we know that living in such a way leads to disaster. It happened often in the past that unbelievers lost their sense of life and did terrible things. They were even able to kill others and explained it was necessary. But Christians cannot agree with such statements because they have their conscience. There the Holy Spirit speaks to them and strengthens them to obey the will of God. Consequently, they are interested in the heavenly matters and testify to what they have seen and heard from the Lord. Also they certify that God is trustworthy and gives them everything they need. In addition, the Christians have the strong hope for the eternal life. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Illuminamini (Ps 34:6).

You may be radiant with joy.

God my Father wants me to be happy. Nonetheless, I am still sad and depressed. So I wonder why joy does not fulfill my soul. I would like to praise my God ever in my mouth and to glory in my Lord. I keep seeking him because I feel lonely and abandoned. Also I often fear and am concerned about many things. I am the poor one who longs for God in order to be saved from all his distress. Accordingly, I need the angel of the Lord who will deliver me from it. I am going to taste and to see how good the Lord is. Only in him am I able to take refuge and to become blessed which means full of happiness.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sanctificati sumus (Heb 10:10).

We have been consecrated.

God sends his angels to us. In such a way, he communicates his love and interest towards us. However, we are usually concerned about various matters and do not recognize it. Blessed Mary from Nazareth was able to open her heart to the angel's message. For that reason, she is an example for each of us how to listen to God in order to be obedient to his holy will. All of us are filled with the divine grace throughout our life, though we are often troubled and afraid of our future. It happens that we do not trust our God completely. Consequently, we ask many questions and are sometimes confused. Therefore, our God through his angels and holy people teaches us how to calm our doubts and be strong in faith. For we are always able to find fovour with God so that we could be happy and peaceful. God's plans for us are good and prepared for our benefit. As our Father he knows best what is necessary for us in our circumstances. Moreover, his Holy Spirit works in us in our best endeavours and daily obligations. Accordingly, nothing is impossible for us who have been consecrated and chosen by God.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dominus in conspectu meo semper (Ps 16:8).

The Lord ever before me.

My Lord, Jesus Christ, is truly risen. Therefore, I want to keep him in my heart all the time. I place my trust in him and he is my refuge. He holds me fast and does not let me go far away. Also he counsels me in the depth of my soul. In such a way, my Lord is ever before me and with him at my right hand I am not disturbed. Moreover, my heart is glad and my soul rejoices. Even my body abides in confidence despite my weaknesses. Since I know for sure that Jesus abandons me neither in this life nor after my death. On the contrary, he always shows me the right path to life and holiness. Hence, I do approach him in the holy sacraments, embrace his body and pay him homage. Again and again he makes me strong in order to go and preach the Gospel to the world. For that reason, I raise my voice and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life.