Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ego ex meipso non sum locutus (Jn 12:49).

I do not speak on my own.

As human beings we speak and hear a lot of words. Sometimes we even have some problems how to listen carefully and speak properly. For this reason, firstly we are to pay attention to the voice of God heard in our souls. It is not an easy task and we should be well prepared for accepting the spiritual message. For the God's word is similar to the light which helps us perceive the structure of the universe. Without this divine light we are not able to live as we are supposed as Christians. Lacking it we remain in the deep darkness like blind people. But if we hear the divine voice and follow it, we enjoy the beauty of created world. In addition, we are able to find out the true meaning of our life. Since the words of God are always full of compassion, mercy and peace. Moreover, hearing the Holy Spirit's good news we are sure that we are being given the real power to live a holy life. 

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