Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oves meae vocem meam audiunt (Jn 10:27).

My sheep hear my voice.

It is good to be a sheep in the hands of a Good Shepherd. For if you follow his advice, you enjoy the green pastures. If you go after him, you are never lost. In addition, you are not afraid for your future. But you feel secure under the guidance of your Master. So you should still give him thanks and ask him to be with you all the time. You are to follow his steps with gladness and joy. Since your Leader is also your beloved Father who does not want you to decline morally. He is kind-hearted and merciful so that you can trust him completely. He is faithful and never lets you be lonely. On the contrary, he is always ready to cleanse you from your sins and keeps the white clothes prepared for you. For these reasons, you are to come before God's throne and to worship him in his holy temple. There you will find a shelter and abundance of grace. You will not worry looking at your Lord and drawing from the springs of life-giving water.   

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