Monday, April 8, 2013

Sanctificati sumus (Heb 10:10).

We have been consecrated.

God sends his angels to us. In such a way, he communicates his love and interest towards us. However, we are usually concerned about various matters and do not recognize it. Blessed Mary from Nazareth was able to open her heart to the angel's message. For that reason, she is an example for each of us how to listen to God in order to be obedient to his holy will. All of us are filled with the divine grace throughout our life, though we are often troubled and afraid of our future. It happens that we do not trust our God completely. Consequently, we ask many questions and are sometimes confused. Therefore, our God through his angels and holy people teaches us how to calm our doubts and be strong in faith. For we are always able to find fovour with God so that we could be happy and peaceful. God's plans for us are good and prepared for our benefit. As our Father he knows best what is necessary for us in our circumstances. Moreover, his Holy Spirit works in us in our best endeavours and daily obligations. Accordingly, nothing is impossible for us who have been consecrated and chosen by God.  

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