Monday, April 22, 2013

Ego eram orans (Act 11:5).

I was at prayer.

We have many questions and doubts to be solved. And we often do not know where to find the answers. Even the wisest and holiest among us are involved in similar problems. For these reasons, we are to pray and to ask our Lord to send us his Holy Spirit. Usually at prayer we are given the insight into the mysteries which are hidden from our eyes. However, we sometimes do not understand these signs from God. We are similar to children who cannot comprehend the sophisticated matters. Our heavenly Father keeps teaching us patiently his divine will, though we are not keen on accepting it. We would rather use our own reason to put our plans into practice. Therefore obedience is such an important virtue. Overall, we are supposed to recognize the will of God and to follow it. Doing so we will be acting with the strength of the Holy Spirit so that our endeavours might be accomplished. As a result, our hearts will be full of the spiritual joy and peace.   

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