Thursday, April 18, 2013

Putasne intellegis (Acts 8:30).

Do you understand?

The question is how to understand the Scripture and God speaking through it. Since we are unlikely to comprehend it without the help of scholars and divine grace. For that reason, on the one hand we need to be taught the way of interpretation and on the other we are to have pure hearts. Although the holy writers can give us the food for thought, we ought to be open to recognize it. Accordingly, when we read about the humility of Christ, we are to follow his example. The word of God should have a great impact on our life and always change it for better. While reading the Bible we are invited to progress in our moral and spiritual life. At the same time, we can participate in the holy sacraments so that we experience the real presence of God among us. Moreover, we are granted the Holy Spirit who leads us to the holiness. Thus, we are becoming the disciples of Jesus Christ who not only understand, but also act in accordance with God's will.   

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