Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quem timebo (Ps 27:1).

Whom should I fear?

As humans we often fear that something bad will happen. We are thinking about our future and are afraid of tomorrow. For that reason we need the divine light which will make us free from our anxiety. We are to ask our Lord to enlighten our darkness and to welcome us to his dwelling place. There we may gaze on his loveliness and contemplate his splendor. As a result of the encounter with our Lord we experience inner peace and become ready to face our troubles. For God's grace changes our attitude towards many things so that we look at the reality from different point of view. No longer we worry about ourselves but rather about others who are in need. Consequently, we are courageous and stouthearted in the fight against the evil in the world. Despite the unpleasant facts of our lives we keep rejoicing in the Spirit. In such a way we are witnesses of the risen Lord who has overcome death and all the power of hell.  

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