Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amas me? (Jn 21:17).

Do you love me?

The main reason of coming of Jesus into the world is love. Since he has revealed himself in order to make us love God and one another. Yet we often forget about this vocation which is so important. We are focused on our daily tasks that we do not realize Jesus walking among us. As a result, our endeavours are useless and we get easily depressed and exhausted. Moreover, we neither find out the sense of life nor see the way out. But the solution is very close at hand. It is Jesus Christ standing beside and showing us the bread of his body which we can receive in the Holy Eucharist. Thus, we are being granted the spiritual food and the assurance of divine love. Afterwards, we are being invited to answer in the similar way. For we are to love the giver of love and to follow his example of sharing love with each other. Overall, it is the most urgent obligation to be accomplished in our lives. We should stretch out our hands in the gesture of brotherly love and always be prepared to distribute our property among the needy. 

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