Friday, April 26, 2013

Ego sum via (Jn 14:6).

I am the way.

Why are you so sad and depressed? Why do you worry so much? Why can you not find the inner peace? Such problems have usually their source in the weak faith. You are a Christian but you do not put your trust in God completely. You would rather depend on your plan, strength and wisdom. But it often fails and you are confused. Therefore, first of all, you are to repair your relationship with the Lord. Since he wants to be with you all the time and in him you may find the easiest way to God. Jesus Christ is present in the holy sacraments and in the Scriptures. There you are able to discover the truth leading to the eternal life. Obviously, your human abilities are limited so that you need also God's grace. You should ask for the light of Holy Spirit to shine in your heart. Thanks to the divine gift you will understand the message of God and become his holy disciple.  

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