Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Affluat quasi aqua iudicium (Am 5:24)

Let justice surge like water.

The meeting with Jesus can change our life totally. However, there are some of us who do not want to change anything. Therefore, it is so difficult for God to enter our hearts. We would rather nothing changed in our own life. The reason is that we are usually used to do many things in our own way. And it is true also in our spiritual life. We say that we pray, we are Christians, we live a good life, but there are still some demons we do not recognize. These small things seem not to be very important, but they can make our life restless. So Jesus comes to throw them away. Yet we ask him not to do that, because in our opinion we can handle it and we do not his help. Thus we are really mistaken and behave like children who think that they can manage everything withour parents. But it is obviously wrong and moreover it leads us to disaster. That is why we pray to you: Help us recognize our hidden sins and weaknesses not to fall into greater problems and difficulties!   

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