Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cum sanctificatus fuero in vobis (Ez 26:23).

I prove my holiness through you.

God is present in the world through his people. So each of us can be a channel of his grace to others. However, lots of people forget about that and they are not the signs of their Creator. Moreover, there are even Christians who are not witnesses of Jesus Christ at all. For these reasons, mamy people do not believe in God or live as there was no God. Therefore, believers who have strong faith are needed. Such women and men who will go and give testimony of God's presence in their life. Such individuals who have experienced that God had chosen them from among the people and sent them to the world. They were cleansed with the spiritual water from their impurities and sins. They have received a new heart and a new spirit to be similar to their God. Consequently, they live according to his statutes and decrees. Furthermore, they indeed are God's children in every action and in every moment of their lives. And such children God wants to have.

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