Saturday, August 18, 2012

Et ornavi te ornamento (Ez 16:11).

I adorned you with jewelry.

I am a poor man because I have made many mistakes in my life. Nevertheless you, my Lord, come to me and bathe me with water of reconciliation. You wash away all my sins. Moreover, you anoint me with oil of your holy sacraments. You clothe me with the abundance of grace. In addition, you put sandals on my feet to be your apostle and witness. Also you give me special gifts to preach the Gospel and to heal diseases among people. I am not worthy to receive so many treasures from you. But you do not mind that I have been a naughty child. Again and again you strengthen me from above. You make me look marvellous and cleanse my heart. Furthermore, you want me to become perfect and be worthy of being called the King's son. As a result I am strong with your blessings and enriched with divine splendor. Please, my Lord, do not let me ever go away from you. Because without your support I will be as fragile as a baby child. Accept me as your prodigal son and I will keep your covenant forever.     

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