Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quam desiderabilia omnia opera eius (Sir 42:23).

How beautiful are all his works.

I can see God in the created world. Since he is hidden in all his works and everything has a mark of his mighty Word. Without his grace nothing can exist. Accordingly, I act and do his will because he supports me. Furthermore, I perceive his glory around me all the time. Although I am unable to see all his miracles which have happened in my entire life, I stand firm thanks to his strength. In addition, I feel his presence in my heart and the Holy Spirit abides in me. Even though I do not understand myself, he possesses all knowledge about my inner life. Thus, I am secure for he knows and prepares the best future for me. For that reason I entrust my whole life to the Lord and reveal him my deepest secrets. Nobody else is able to help me but Jesus Christ who gave his life in order that I could be saved. In him I have the best friend and councelor who cares for me and advises on what I should do. Therefore, I am grateful for all his beautiful deeds and wonders which I have experienced throughout my life. 

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