Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ego sum vitis vera (Jn 15:1).

I am the true vine.

God is the true source of our lives. Furthermore, he takes care for each of us to make us bear good fruit. It helps us to impove more and more. In such a way he wants to have us holy. Obviously, we can reject his support and try to live without his grace. But it always leads to disaster. For we are created to act according to God's will so that we might enter the heavenly kingdom. Otherwise, we lose the sense of life and do not know where to go. The truth is that we take part in God and without the Holy Spirit we can do nothing. We are supposed to remain in the Lord and to follow his way of life. His words are to be the light for us in our daily endeavours. We ought to ask him whatever we need and it will be done for us if only we obey him. 

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