Monday, January 19, 2015

Invenimus Messiam (J 1:41).

If you started following Jesus in your life, you must keep eye-contact with Him. Every day He turns and sees you following Him. But the point is whether you turn to Him and see Him leading you. Because if you loose Him from your sight, you are lost in your tasks and daily routine. 
Jesus always asks: What are you looking for? And you are supposed to give the answer. Is it Jesus who is the most important figure in your life? Or is He the last one? If you find time to be with Him in the silence of your heart, He will invite you to come and see the miracles. But remember, you need to make Him the Lord of your whole life. Just come closer to Him and see the miracles happen. You might be really surprised how much your life can be changed. 
Finally, when you have experienced the happiness of being with Jesus, you will be able to share this joy with others. They need the Lord in their lives too. Start with your friends and relatives who are close to you and tell them: I have found the Messiah who is Christ. Then bring them to Jesus and He will also make miracles with them.

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