Monday, January 19, 2015

Filius meus (Heb 5:5).

As Christian you are chosen from among people to be a representative before God. First of all, you are to offer prayers for your own sins. Then, you can pray and support others in their relationship with God. You ought to be very patient and understand that all human beings are weak. Nonetheless, you are called by God to become an example and show your friends that it is possible to overcome their weaknesses. You have received the great honor but also responsibility for others. Therefore, you are supposed to imitate Christ in your life. He was proud of being the Son of Go and all the time remained in the deep relation with his Father. Further, he was not ashamed of tears and suffering. On the contrary, he learned obedience from what he suffered. In such a way, you are also able to progress in holiness and be perfect. Obviously not by your own, but with the power of the Holy Spirit. Eventually, you will seat among the angels and saints in the heavenly kingdom. It is your vocation from the beginning of creation and the will of your Father who has loved you so much. This plan will not change unless you decide something different.

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