Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gressus rectos facite (Heb 12:13).

As a child of God you are supposed to be obedient. For your heavenly Father tries to teach you and to lead you through life. He does it because he loves you. He wants all his beloved children to be holy and perfect. For that reason, all things which happen in your life are to strengthen you and to enable you to follow his commandments. Perhaps you do not find them easy but still you must remember they are for your good. You are a human being and that is why you may experience weaknesses and sometimes make mistakes. Nonetheless, you are invited to make straight your paths and always come back to the Lord. In this way you will return to your inner peace and become better. Eventually, you will be able to communicate with the Holy Spirit and receive the grace of God. Thus, you will bless the Lord in your soul for all his benefits. 

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