Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vere liberi eritis (Jn 8:36).

You will truly be free.

Faith gives me strength and lets me know the truth. In addition, the words of Scripture enlighten my mind and heart. Listening to them I become a disciple of Jesus and am able to follow the voice of my conscience. In such a way, I am a free man who is not enslaved to anything. However if I commit sin, I am like a slave who is far from satisfaction. Since each sin moves me away from my God and from the people I would like to live with. For that reason, I try my best to be close my Saviour Jesus Christ. The Son of God is the one who can save me and lead me on the right way to salvation. If I did not trust him, I would be a stranger in the world. I would neither know the Father nor be aware of the eternal joy waiting for me in the heavens. But with Jesus, I am able to do the works of holy men and women. Thus, I love my God who has created me and sent me to fulfil his divine will.     

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