Sunday, March 3, 2013

Solve calceamentum de pedibus tuis (Ex 3:5).

Remove the sandals from your feet.

I carry out my daily tasks and often forget about the presence of God. But there are also good times when I recognize that he is close at hand. Accordingly, I meet many fascinating and good people who show me that they are God's miracles. Moreover, in the world of nature I am able to find out the extraordinary beauty and significance. I know that I must go to look at these remarkable sights to be enlightened and to achieve wisdom. Since through these people and events God speaks to me and reminds me that he always takes care of me. Also he is listening carefully to the cry of my complaint and suffering. In the holy sacraments he comes down to rescue me from any danger and various troubles. In such a way, he leads me out of my distress, unhappiness and anxiety. In addition, he fills my heart with peace, calmness and joy. It happens when I remove the sandals of unbelief and acknowledge that he is the centre of my life.  

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