Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Observaretis et impleretis opere (Dt 4:6).

Observe the statutes carefully.

First of all I am to listen to my conscience carefully. There God himself is speaking to me and keeps teaching me. I should observe his voice to be happy and peaceful. Since he tells me about the right way of life to help me enter the heavenly kingdom. His statutes and decrees are to lead me to the land of holiness which I am going to possess. For that reason, I ought to observe them very carefully as I want to obtain wisdom and intelligence. In addition, I know that God is close to me all the time and especially when I call upon him. I just need to pay attention and be earnestly on my guard not to miss any of his words. Accordingly, I should keep in mind everything which my own eyes have seen from God's grace. Furthermore, I am to bear witness to the great miracles of his presence in my life.

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