Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ad humorem mittit radices suas (Jer 17:8).

That stretches out its root to the stream.

I stretch out my hands to many material things which cannot bring me happiness. Nevertheless, I keep doing it and for that reason I am similar to the barren bush in the desert of commodities. I try to enjoy these items but they are empty and worthless. Therefore, I change my mind and start placing my hope in the Lord of the universe. Consequently, I become like a tree planted beside the waters of peace and streams of gladness. Furthermore, I fear not the multitude of urgent tasks and obligations. My mind is fresh despite the hundreds of insignificant topics and gossips. I show no distress and my soul is calm as I invite my God to probe my conscience. If there is a spot of anger or desire, I let him cleanse it with his divine mercy. In such a way, I want to keep the words of the gospel with a generous heart and to yield a harvest throught perseverance.  

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