Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Calicem meum bibetis (Mt 20:23).

My chalice you will indeed drink.

Although we are disciples of Jesus, we wouldn't like to suffer. On the contrary, we have our own plans for the pleasant life. Accordingly, we ask God to make our dreams come true. However, Jesus Christ reminds us that our vocation is something more and the difficulties are to be overcome. Moreover, we are to accept the reality with its struggles, challenges and hardships. Obviously, we want to be free from such unpleasant circumstances. Nevertheless, our humanity needs to be proved also in the troublesome events. In such a way, we gather merits for the heavenly kingdom. So, yet on the earth we are called to serve others and to trust in the Lord for in his hands is our destiny. And despite the clutches of our enemies and persecutors, we will be saved from their ambush. Since we have commended our spirit into God's hands.  

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