Monday, February 11, 2013

Cum transfretassent in terram (Mk 6:53).

The crossing to the other side.

We are supposed to cross the sea to the other side with Jesus. It means that we are to leave our own way of thinking in order to see the light of grace. We are not just to engage in the tasks which keep us down to earth, but also we should remember the vocation given us by God and fulfil his will. In addition, we ought to long for the word of God and his holy sacraments. Since we are sick and in the need of healing. All of us are lacking something and only God is able to satisfy us. Also we are full of doubts and worries which make us beg for the God's mercy and peace. For these reasons we are looking forward to touching the tassel of Jesus' cloak to be cleansed from sins and weaknesses. Thus, we will experience the majesty of God and perceive the light of his splendor in our own life.

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