Saturday, February 16, 2013

Et relictis omnibus (Lk 5:28).

Leaving everything behind.

God is near us all the time. He invites and inspires us to do his will. He always repeats to follow him and to leave everything behind. Although it is very difficult to forget our own interests and to trust him completely, we do need to place our trust in him and fulfill his divine will. Since just in this way we are able to achieve happiness and inner peace. Otherwise, we will be anxious and desirous. Therefore, Jesus Christ wants us to share our belongings with others. It means our time, skills and everything we have in abundance. As a result, many people will be satisfied and the world will become better. Moreover, we will create a new community of believers who support one another. Obviously, there are always some people who do not take such an initiative. They are usually discontented and malevolent. But as Christians we cannot be like them. On the contrary, we are to be friendly to everyone despite the fact that not everyone is similar to us.    

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