Friday, February 15, 2013

Dominus exaudiet (Is 58:9).

The Lord will answer.

The problem is that we do not know how to hear God. Our tasks and duties interfere with the sound of his voice. Also haste, noise and plenty of information disrupt the connection between us and him. Moreover, our weaknesses and sins are barriers in the relationship. Nonetheless, we keep seeking and longing for good, beauty and truth. It is a sign that we are created in the likeness of God. We are supposed to understand that we can gain access to God and even see him. But our devotion is not correct if we are quarreling and fighting with each other. We should rather cooperate and help one another. In addition, we are to share our possession with the needy and to shelter the oppressed and the homeless. If we do not turn our back on our own, the Lord will show himself and answer. He will make our light break forth like the dawn among people.     

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