Monday, February 4, 2013

Exeunte eo de navi (Mk 5:2).

When he got out of the boat.

Jesus walks with us as a companion on the journey of our life. Usually he is unseen and hidden from our sight. But sometimes he enters our life with his divine power to make us pure and strong. However, we got used to focus on the material things and are not likely to notice his presence. We prefer to be bound with shackles and chains of daily matters. We even cannot imagine how to live as free people. Therefore, we need to ask Jesus to come and heal us. Otherwise, nights and days we will spend time like slaves of their weaknesses and impurities. For that reason, we have to catch sight of Jesus from the place where we live in. Also we have got to run up and prostrate ourselves before him crying out in the loud voice of our misery. He is certain to help hearing us call. Although we are really poor and sinful, he is able to cure our heart. Afterwards, he will depart letting us announce to others the miracles he has done for us.     

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