Monday, February 11, 2013

Ex hoc homines eris capiens (Lk 5:10).

You will be catching men.
We look forward to listening to the words of Jesus. He understands our longings and desires. Furthermore, he stands with us as human being in order to point to his Father. However, we are like the boats anchoring alongside the lake of divine wisdom. Because we are too afraid to sail by our own, we need someone to encourage us and to show how to go out to sea. Although our boats are sufficiently good to travel, we are lost in the waves of uncertainty and in the storms of passions. Nonetheless, we are to sail and to fish the true knowledge. Since we are created in the image and likenesss of the Son who is the Lord of deep water of divine mystery. No matter how the process of becoming holy is hard and long, we are to hear our Captain and to fulfill his commands. Obviously, the God's wisdom is overwhelming so that we are not able to comprehend it. Therefore, we need to follow Jesus and to be ready to carry out his orders.

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