Thursday, February 14, 2013

Secus decursus aquarum (Ps 1:3).

Near running water.

To be close to God is to be near the source of life. From this source we are able to draw the divine graces. If we want to discover the source, we are to meditate on the Scripture. Since in the Bible we can find food for thought and drink for refreshment. Reading the Scripture makes us strong like trees planted near running water. As a result, we yield the fruit of good deeds. Furthermore, we never fade but flourish and prosper. On the other hand, ignoring the Bible drives us away from God and faith. Consequently, we are tormented by the horrific winds of uncertainties and anxiousness. Such a situation results in the lack of self-confidence and despair. Therefore, it is essential to come to the Word of God and to listen to him carefully. This is the best way to save our life and to overcome all the difficulties.  

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