Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quando video caelos tuos (Ps 8:4).

When I behold your heavens.

It is not true that we cannot see our God. Since he shows himself in his creation. Every creature is the work of his fingers and people are his beloved children. Furthermore, the moon and the stars are witnesses of his presence. In such a beautiful universe there is a man who is looking for God. This man is not alone but under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, human beings are made little less than the angels who are adoring the countenance of God. Similarly we are also gifted with glory and honor so that we could praise the mighty Creator. We are free and enabled to rule the whole world, but first we are to give thanks and worship the majesty of our God. Independently of the kind of our vocation as the grateful children we are to focus on the beauty of nature in order to discover its Maker. In the flora and fauna we can perceive the reflection of God's goodness and perfection. Since he has arranged everything to make us astonished and delighted. So already on the earth we are able to see the trace of God and to track his steps.      

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