Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sancti estote, quia sanctus sum (Lv 19:2).

Be holy for I am holy.

Holiness is the aim of our life, because God is holy and he wants us to be holy too. Moreover, it is always better to give than to take. Always is it better to speak the truth than to lie. Always is it better to bless others than to curse them. Accordingly, good brings you good and evil makes you even worse. Therefore, we should try to give the food of love to the hungry  and the drink of kindness to the thirsty. We ought to cloth the naked with the dress of hope and to care for the sick who suffer from the shortage of faith. Overall, we need to fear not to offend our God. Also we are to love our neighbours as ourselves in order to please him. For the precepts of the Lord rejoice our hearts and enlighten the eyes of the soul. In addition, fulfiling them makes us holy as holy is our Father who lives in heaven and sends us the Holy Spirit.      

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