Monday, February 25, 2013

Nobis confusio faciei (Dn 9:7).

We are shamefaced.

As human beings we still commit sins and for that reason we are shamefaced. Obviously, we would like to live a holy life, but we find it too difficult. Therefore, in the Lenten season we come back to great and awesome God to ask for his mercy. We do know that he has pity on us despite many sins of ours. We are very sorry that we have rebelled and departed from his commandments. We do regret that we were not obedient to listen to his voice. Thus, we are looking forward to compassion and forgiveness. We ask our Savior to help us and deliver us and pardon our sins for his name's sake. Having received his mercy we are going to give thanks and to declare his praise. Furthermore, we will try not to judge and condemn one another. On the contrary, we will be more patient and lenient with others. For God is our merciful Father and we all are his children. 

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