Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sic ergo vos orabitis (Mt 6:8).

This is how you are to pray.

The high point of each prayer is contemplation. However, we achieve the aim step by step. First, our prayer is usually full of words and requests. Since there is a lot of thoughts, plans and ideas in our head. It seems like we wanted to tell God what he is supposed to do for us. Obviously, it is not the perfect prayer at all. On the contrary, it is the prayer of children who make their parents buy them a toy. The next step in prayer is when we agree to fulfill the will of God. It is not an easy step because we need to place our trust in God. At this point we are ready to accept everything he is going to give us. Finally, we start to be calm during our prayer and just listen to his holy voice. Now we are similar to the dry land which is longing for the rain of divine grace. Thus, we are being watered by the Holy Spirit so that we become fertile and fruitful. In this contemplation, we receive the God's seed which will bring the fruit of good life. Therefore, let us keep attention to every moment we spend with God on prayer.  

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