Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orantes nolite multum loqui (Mt 6:7)

In praying do not babble ...

Prayer is a power of Christians. During prayer we receive necessary graces from God. Also we hear words which are to help us in life. Meditating we are being taught and afterwards we can learn others how to live. In the past there were many holy men who were listening to God and they were granted with special gifts. These saints and blessed could even perform miracles according to the will of God. Their deeds were awesome and wondrous. The reason is that in prayer they were touched by God. Accordingly everyone who prays is pleased to God and knows how to act correctly. Such a person knows what should speak and how react in every situation. Nothing is able to disturb his patience and calmness. People want to follow his example. Because it can be easily noticed that the divine power is acting through him. Furthermore, even after death of the praying man the miracles still happen. Since his spirit connected to the spirit of God is working more efficiently. Happy is the man who in his prayer has never babbled but listened to the will of God always.     

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