Monday, June 11, 2012

Custodiet animam tuam Dominus (Ps 121:7)

The Lord will guard your life.

We do not have to worry when we trust the Lord. Also we do not need to be afraid when we listen to his word. Since the Lord speaks to us directly every day if only we open the Bible and read it. He always knows the best what is the most necessary for us now just in this precise moment. Moreover, if he promises something, he accomplishes it at the same time. Because his word is working not like our empty words. Further, his words and deeds are tightly connected. His help is certain and never fails. In addition, he assures us that he guards us all the time. He is very close at hand and does not let anybody hurt us. For that reason, we feel peace and are able to face any evil in our life. Thus we know that he takes care of us both now and forever.    

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