Friday, June 29, 2012

Angelus Domini in circuitu timentes eum (Ps 34:8)

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him.

Sometimes our situation is very difficult because of dangerous and bad events. Furthermore, often people hurt us and are unpleasant to us. Thus our spirit is cast down and we think that there is no escape from these circumstances. However, especially in such cases God happens to be with us through his angels and friends. For he sends good people to us and makes them help us. It does not matter how big our problems are because his power and wisdom overcome everything. In such a way we can experience miracles in our daily life. But there is one very important condition: we are able to recognize the angels coming to us with grace if we are men of prayer. Being in touch with God is necessary to know what we are to do in every moment of our life. In addition God very often invites us to make a jump of faith. It means that we cannot even understand what we are supposed to do but nevertheless we must do it. Afterward we know better and are grateful that God came to us mysteriously and delivered us from evil.       

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