Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cito anticipent nos misericordiae tuae (Ps 79:8)

May your compassion quickly come to us.

O my Lord, I need your help all the time, but especially in the moments of trouble. I see many bad things around me and my spirit faints. So many people do not care about you and this situation makes me suffer. There is no regard for your statutes nor commands and for that reason many are angry and anxious. It has also an influence on me and on the community of the Church. Such atmosphere does not serve anybody. Therefore I ask you again for your help and compassion. Since without you we are not able to change our behaviors. We are waiting for your support and grace because we cannot live without it. Please, deliver us from evil and do not remember the iniquities of the past. We are really sorry for our mistakes and mischief. O Lord, help us! You are our savior as we believe. We do know that you can pardon our sins for your name's sake to make us happy and peaceful. 

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