Friday, June 1, 2012

In omnibus glorificetur Deus (1 Pt 4:11)

In all things God may be glorified.

Our whole life should be a glorification of God. It means that everything we do is to give praise to our God. Furthermore, all the time we neet to keep in mind that we live, move and speak because God gives us his grace. Since without his help we would be able to do nothing. Even our prayer is inspired by his Holy Spirit. Moreover, our love which comes from our hearts has its source in the divine Love. And this love is another proof that God does abide inside us. Nonetheless we often forget about this special kind of his presence. On the contrary we do not try to think that each of our action is strengthened by him. For that reason we are to give him thanks continually. But sometimes when bad things happen in our life it is not easy to be grateful. In that situation we used to forget what we had received from God's hands. However, to be a good child is to remember all his blessings. And in the time of trial we ought to keep in memory that in such a way we participate in the suffering of Christ. Overall, with the Son of God there is always victory even over death.

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