Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vigila in omnibus (2 Tm 4:5)

Be self-possessed.

We are to live in the presence of God and to proclaim the word in all circumstances. Moreover, we are called to be persistent in it, nevertheless it is convenient or not. Although there are better and worse situations, we cannot forget about the divine Providence in our life. We are supposed to convince, reprimend and encourage all people we meet in daily life. Because we are disciples and followers of Jesus nowadays. Furthermore, there are more and more people who do not tolerate sound doctrine. So we must perform the work of an evangelist for them and in such a way fulfill our ministry. Such is our vocation to testify before the world that God is an important part of our life and we are even not able to live without him. For that reason we always praise him and proclaim his mighty works. Also we give thanks for his faithfulness and show our humbleness. As a result we receive his blessing and our heart is full of peace.  

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