Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sacrae Litterae (2 Tm 3:14)

The foundation of our relationship with God is love. Love helps us to remain faithful and to believe in every word found in Sacred Scripture. When we listen to the Bible readings carefully, we comprehend Divine Wisdom and experience the presence of God. Consequently, we learn from the Lord, who speaks to us all the time. God's word is the inspiration and source of real love. When we hear it, our love is strengthened and cleansed by the Lord. We become more competent and equipped for every good work. Furthermore, we are more gentle and understanding towards others. Through the words of the Holy Bible, we stay in the presence of the living God. Also, the Spirit of God acts in our souls and empowers us to proclaim the Good News. We can convince and encourage people with patience and persistence. Thus, the word of God is present, living and effective throughout the whole world.

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