Saturday, May 30, 2015

Laetatum est cor meum (Sir 51:20).

I am very thankful because the Lord has offered me many gifts. I praise him and bless his holy name. For he has guided me since my childhood and led me on the paths of wisdom. I experience his grace in my soul and hear his voice in my heart. I try to follow his advice not to make mistakes. For that reason, I spend time on prayer and listen carefully to recognize God's will for my life. I am sure that in this way I will prosper and achieve happiness. So I offer him all my life and am ready to give up all my plans. My main goal is to follow Jesus Christ and to seek him wholeheartedly. I hope that he will send his Holy Spirit and teach me everything. I open myself to receive the divine gifts and to fulfill his requests. I direct my soul to him and in cleanness I pray to the God. It gives joy to my heart and refreshes me.

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