Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miserere nostri (Sir 36:1).

I like to be in God's presence. I am glad that he is looking upon me all the time. He who is the Lord of the universe takes care of me. He is the light for my paths and the source of mercies. I am sure that there is no other God but he who loves me. I very often ask him to give me new signs and to work new wonders. Usually he answers quickly and sometimes he performes miracles. But the most importatnt thing is that he is alwasys listening to my plea. He gathers me together when I am divided and broken. He reminds me of his mercy and is very gentle when I commit sins. He gets me know that I am his beloved child and he does not want to lose me. He takes pity on me when I am far away from him and invites me to become a saint. His goal is to dwell in my heart with his majesty and to make it his holy temple. He always fulfills his promises and rewards me. He is gracious to me and leads me in the way of justice.

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