Sunday, December 11, 2016

Genua debilia (Is 35:3).

Your life is devided into the periods of sadness and the periods of joyfulness. Every time you are sad the Lord speaks to you and announces that happines will return. Since everything is necessary in your life. The difficulties arise but you are strong enough to overcome them. You are called to bloom and rejoice. You are not created to be unhappy or disappointed. Even if you struggle a lot you are a child of God. Eventually you ought to find rest in the kingdom of heaven where saints see the splendor and glory of the Lord.
During the earthly experience you must be strengthened and found worthy of the heavenly treasures. When you are feeble and fatigue, the Lord helps you through the holy sacraments. He cures you from the spiritual and corporal weaknesses. He makes all the senses of your soul act properly. He ransoms you and fulfills your heart with divine grace. As a result you become joyful and blessed in all your endeavours. 

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